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Q. What is Cheboygan Virtual Academy?
A. Cheboygan Virtual Academy is an online school providing elementary, middle & high school students with a web-based curriculum throughout Northern Michigan. All courses have a state certified, highly qualified teacher instructing and issuing credit.

Q.  What grades are offered through Cheboygan Virtual Academy?
A.  Grades K - 12 will be offered, beginning the Fall of 2017.

Q. Does Cheboygan Virtual Academy offer part time enrollment?
A. Yes.  Part time enrollment is available through homeschool partnerships.  Full time students have the choice to carry a course load of six semester classes.  Any currently enrolled Cheboygan student interested in taking an online class should contact their building guidance counselor/administrator.

Q. What computer skills do students need?
A. A basic understanding of computers, along with experience with email and Internet browsers is helpful.

Q.  Do I have to be a resident of Cheboygan?
A.  No, Cheboygan is a School of Choice district. Any family not residing in the Cheboygan district can simply apply for non- resident enrollment. All of the necessary paperwork can be found in one packet titled Cheboygan Virtual Academy Enrollment Packet” on the enrollment page of the website.

Q. Will enrolling in Cheboygan Virtual Academy cost money?
A.  No. Cheboygan Virtual Academy is a tuition free, public school.

Q.  Does my child have to come on campus for classes?
A.  No, students are welcome to take courses on campus, or they can take 100% of their schooling online.  All full time students are expected to report to campus for scheduled school state assessments.

Q.  Do you follow the Cheboygan school calendar?
A.  Yes, Cheboygan Virtual Academy is a school within the Cheboygan  school district. The Cheboygan Virtual Academy school calendar is based on semesters and follows all of the holiday breaks (including summer break).

Q.  Is there an attendance requirement for students?
A.  Yes, students are required to login to courses each week, and must specifically login during the State of Michigan “count days”.  It is recommended that students spend 5 hours on coursework a week for each class at the high school level.  Attendance for live virtual class connect sessions are outlined in the course syllabus by each teacher (note: recordings of class sessions are provided to students who are absent).

Q.  Who grants high school credit?
A.  Cheboygan Public Schools; full-time students completing course requirements as outlined and followed by the Michigan Merit Curriculum, will earn a Cheboygan diploma. Cheboygan Virtual Academy Graduation Requirements are posted on the school website for reference.